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Welcome to Pinnacle Solutions, Inc., your resource for all your business intelligence and analytic needs. Our mission is to empower your organization to analyze and interpret the "mountain of data" that you collect and utilize to improve business outcomes, support decision-making, and enable process improvements – from data management and integration to data visualizations and predictive analytics.

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Solution Development

Crafting solutions for your business software needs.

Cloud Hosting

Keeping your solutions afloat in the cloud.

Software Reseller

Offering partner software bundles at a discount.

Our People

Our people have often been referred to as Sherpas. Using the Pinnacle Backpack Solution Kit™, they have implemented hundreds of successful projects in several key industries.


Our Backpack Solution Kit™

Are you struggling to climb the "mountain of data"? You wouldn't climb a real mountain without a guide and the appropriate tools. Get help from Pinnacle Solutions Sherpas and our Backpack Solution kit to help you find your way.

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