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From small to enterprise business solutions, we’ve got you covered. Each customer is unique, but, no matter what your business needs, Pinnacle Solutions can provide SAS® software tailored and customized to you and deployed on-site or hosted in the cloud. Desktop software and solutions start under $10,000. Depending on the size of your business, server solutions can be user based or processor based. Prices can vary depending on your license and start anywhere from $10Ks to $100Ks. Contact us for the latest promotions and discount pricing.

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SAS® Resell Partner

As a SAS Resell Partner, Pinnacle Solutions must meet the same high standards in the areas of market knowledge, integrity, and customer satisfaction that SAS sets for itself. Within the program, Pinnacle Solutions can sell to small, medium, and large enterprise accounts to help meet market demand for SAS software in specific industries and customer segments. Why buy from us? Pinnacle Solutions has provided customized SAS® consulting services for over 20 years, and we also can give software discounts not available to the general public. Bundle your software purchase with our consulting services and watch your investment achieve even greater value for your organization.


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