Needs Assessment

Our Needs Assessment consultants will gather and summarize information vital to defining the gaps in your current environment that inhibit your business from meeting its software and technology goals for the future. With over 20 years experience in solutions development across various industries, they can help you understand the capabilities and limitations of proposed technologies in order to identify the best path forward. Our consultants can provide the following skills and services for your project needs:

  • Defining different levels of needs analysis, i.e. philosophy, policy, strategy, tactics, and logistics
  • Selecting the optimum type of needs analysis for your business goals
  • Partnering with the your organization to collect data, specify ideal state of performance, specify actual state of performance, identify root causes for performance gaps, and select suitable next steps for intervention
  • Expertise collecting vital information from interviewing individuals, conducting focus groups and designing and distributing surveys and questionnaires


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